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Silver Cinema Exterior

Silver Cinema Exterior

The Classic: Few years on

The Classic: Few years on

Cinema Interior

Cinema Interior

Specifications listed below

Star Ceiling

Star Ceiling

350 optic with 3 different widths, shimmering effect and multiple constellations mapped in.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

A completely new (and totally amazing) way to immerse yourself into games. In fact, think Total Immersion from Red Dwarf...

Cinema Exterior - CAD rendering

Cinema Exterior - CAD rendering

Cinema Exterior - CAD rendering

Cinema Exterior - CAD rendering


4x3m cinema with 7 authentic seats from the York Royal Theatre in Leeds. With high-definition 3D projector, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, five gaming consoles, 3d Blu-ray player, Amazon FireTV stick, 94"/2.4m screen size, 12 bin pick & mix counter, 2 dimmable lighting circuits, 300 light star-light ceiling, hard-wired network router hub and custom made interior.


Building Specifications

  • High-grade CLS timber outbuilding built to regulations

  • Structural spruce base over high-grade joists

  • Raised platform design for optimal interior acoustics 

  • Ridge Pole roof design with overhang for veranda

  • High quality 32mm timber cladding for all round protection and excellent soundproofing

  • Constructed with high-grade and over-sized timbers for longevity and strength.

  • 3 way CU for dual lighting circuits, radial power circuit and external socket supplied via 4-core armoured cable (double Earthed)

  • Acoustic plasterboard for further sound reduction along with decoupling principles and high quality insulation

  • Quality treated wooden cladding throughout with further partial decoupling for sound reduction

  • Sound proofed, triple layer, fully secured and locking external door with cladding finishing effect

  • Fully handmade custom railings/balustrades

  • Asphalt roof shingles on quality roofing felt and underlay with roofing adhesive utilised where needed for long-life and anti-leak

  • Water tubs for reclaiming rain water from both roof sections

  • External power socket IP66 rated for garden use installed


  • 7 automatically retracting seats with custom number plates, sourced from the York Royal Theatre in Leeds and professionally cleaned; extensive leg-room and positioned to ensure perfect viewing angle and full screen visibility from any seat


  • BenQ W1070 3d & HD projector roof mounted with hidden cable run

  • Yamaha RX-V377 AV Receiver

  • Tannoy TFX 5.1 speakers - subwoofer located under the stage with an access hatch built in for later upgrades of any maintenance issues

  • Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU and PS2 consoles installed (the latter for a retro throwback)

  • Samsung BD-H5900 Blu-ray Player - supports 3d movies and connects to streaming services, e.g. Netflix, YouTube, etc

  • PSM Screens Maxiwhite projector canvas over a custom frame

    All hardware contained in a spacious and open custom cabinet with slatted shelving to provide excellent air-flow and with the AV receiver located at the top to avoid heating other devices and hot-air extraction system overhead.


  • LED dimmable spot lamps for primary lighting

  • Dimmable low-watt pillar mounted bulbs for low-level lighting during performances

  • 300 fibre optic star ceiling with 3 different size of optics to create a superb feeling of depth in the sky; includes adjustable shimmering effect, mapped out constellations and remote control for on/off/shimmer


  • Hidden access panel for the underfloor subs, for upgrade/maintenance

  • Carpeted floor with thick underlay for luxurious underfoot feel

  • Roof loft panel for access to wiring junction boxes and star-light ceiling

  • Air extraction: dedicated silent fan running above the AV stack to pull heat from the system and draw fresh air into the cinema from front mounted air inlets; snaked sound proof channels used to eliminate incoming and outgoing sound pollution

  • Snack counter: custom 12 unit pick & mix counter with classic cinema hang bags plus drinks

  • Power sockets: Radial circuit delivering 4 plug sockets within the cinema interior (in addition to the 8 cabinet sockets) to cater for phone chargers or similar

  • Software: fully equipped with a library of Xbox & Playstation games, Blu-rays and DVDs

  • Interior decoration: hand made red velvet curtains and full border valance, plush carpeted interior with thick underlay for comfort, ambience and additionally acoustic deadening

  • Hand routed wooden pillars throughout

  • Marine standard rope for stylised curtain ties

  • Framed cinema style posters

Garden Upgrades

  • Hammock installed for outdoor relaxation

  • Planters installed along the front edge with non-aggressive grape vines planted

  • Wire trellis installed to guide plants around the structure

  • New garden design created to highlight the cinema area

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